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How your printer work with computer?


How your H58 thermal printer work with computer? How is your printer works with bluetooth? How to set the Ethernet IP address? Is your printer works with Loyverse POS? How to set the printer density? 

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All above questions is from our client real feedback, we have some client who is very familar with our printers,but we also have a lot of customers who sell our printers and do the E-commerce, also have a lot of end users come to use for some suggestions. they didn’t know much about these operations, here we have list the most popluare asked questions, and we have made a vedio for your easy operation and use.


1)How to Use Hoin H58 printer by USB with computer, including install printer driver process(H58). https://youtu.be/zfRyyCA1-RI

2)How to connect to tablet/Phone with your bluetooth printer(H58): https://youtu.be/W9kR0XPiGyE

3)HOIN H58 thermal printer how to set into 1.Self Test page; 2.Chinese/English; 3.Density; 4.Hex mode(H58): https://youtu.be/qEYgatpY7ao

4)How to set Ethenet/Lan Ip address for your printer(H806): https://youtu.be/vIt7F6h0rv8

5)Hoin E802 thermal printer work with Android Loyver Pos by Bluetooth:https://youtu.be/FAxeHw-KeGw


6)Hoin 80mm Printer How to self test page, close or open beeper and change Density Vedio(E802):https://youtu.be/7ozxx1XQvF4

7)How to change the printer bluetooth nameUse E300 as example ) : https://youtu.be/UjkzGMJk8uA

8)How to connect printer with Windows 10 by bluetoothUse E300 as example ) : https://youtu.be/EmiQEz4HZg8

9)* How to set Wifi IP for your Hoin printer by Wifi setting tool (Old Wifi setting tool) Use E802 as example ) :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnEPO3d_yv8

 *How to set WIFI IP for your Hoin printer by new Wifi OneKey Setting( New Wifi setting tool):https://youtu.be/BDzTSkEni8c

10) How to set Wifi by phone, don't use VPN or 5G networkUse E802 as example,Need one shot app or have wechat  ) : https://youtu.be/LK6bpn-Wji4

11) How to open or close E802 beeper :https://youtube.com/shorts/7ozxx1XQvF4?feature=share

12)3 inch HOP-HL80 Thermal Label Barcode Printer 1) How printer auto check label papar gap 2)How to have self test page: https://youtube.com/shorts/ZPI8ufkJ91c?feature=share