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80mm Embeded Kiosk Thermal printer     


●Simple operation,convenient maintenance;

●High speed, low noise printing;

●Long life printer head, reliable performance;

●Support automatic paper feed function;

●Support GB18030-2000 traditional Chinese font;

●Support paper near end detection;

●Support automatic paper cutting control;

●Support real-time state detection;  

Product Details

80mm Embeded Kiosk Thermal printer     



Product Highlights:

●Simple operation and convenient maintenance;

●High-speed, low-noise printing;

●The print head has long life and reliable performance;

●Support automatic paper loading function;

●Support GB18030-2000 large Chinese character library;

●Support paper will be fully functional;

◆Support automatic paper cutting control;

●Support real-time status detection;

Application areas:

Bank wall-mounted self-service equipment terminal printer, self-service refueling machine, self-service telephone machine, recharge machine, payment machine, self-service parking factory card issuing machine, coupon printer, queuing machine printer, visitor machine, self-service printing machine, self-service terminal printer, storage cabinet Printers, locker printers, storage cabinet printers, etc.

technical parameter:

Printing method: direct line thermal printing

Print Density: 384 dots/line (default)

Resolution: 203DPI

Feeding method: one-way friction feeding

Printing width: 8 dots/mm, 48mm (effective),

Printing character line: Western (12*24): 32 characters/line; Chinese characters (24*24): 16 characters/line

Character pitch: 30 points (3.75mm) Note: Character pitch can be adjusted by control commands in increments of 0.125mm.

Printing speed: Max.100mm/sec. The printing speed depends on the transmission speed of data or control commands.

Feeding speed: about 100mm/sec. The minimum unit of paper feeding: 0.125mm.

Printing Format: Maximum 32 columns (12 x 24 characters), maximum 16 columns (24 x 24 Chinese characters).

Character set: IBM Character Set II and GB 18030 full Chinese character set.

Internal buffer: 4K bytes (bytes).

Automatic cutter: full or half cut.

Paper near end detection: The diameter range of the detected paper roll is 16-42mm (calculated according to the center of the paper roll).

Printing interface: serial interface, RS-232C compatible, support RTS/CTS handshake protocol, asynchronous communication 115200 (default), optional 9600/19200/38400/57600/115200.

Printing paper: high-quality thermal paper, paper thickness 65-100 microns, outer diameter of paper roll 80mm (maximum), inner diameter of paper roll 25.5+/-0.5mm (minimum),

The paper width is 57.5+/-0.5mm.

Print command: EPSON ESC/POS command set compatible.